TEDxDelft 2013 | What else?


TEDxDelft has the hostess with the mostess. Well more than one actually. Everybody got a very warm welcome at TEDxDelft from the colorful characters at the entrance. They immediately made you feel the promise of this day. Everywhere the red and black and creativity of TEDxDelft is visible and a good organization goes a long way to optimize your time to get inspired! The lovely ladies and gents in red were a much appreciated something extra to help us find workshops and events.

Like the one of Hack Your Home, Dreamups and Metabolic who took over commissiekamer 2. A showroom for DIY clean technologies. A non techie myself I haven’t been able to unravel all of the smart innovative technologies behind it but can you believe I played a banana piano? Yes closing the circuit with your finger, you can use bananas as piano keys. I recommend going there and trying it out! You can also have a look at scanners and 3D printers and flowsensors. Did you know that for just 20 euro’s you can buy a sensor to measure your resource consumption and waste consumption. If you want to take it a bit further you can create a system that tells you when to water your plants. Now I know that this invention will save lives!

lisanne verdraaidgoedDownstairs opposite the main entrance is the verdraaid goed living room. Verdraaid goed translates as ‘darn good’. And it is. Industrial waste streams are redirected and used to create new products. There is so much waste (51 million ton annually just in the Netherlands) that verdraaid goed has been able to create an entire living room out of just a tiny, tiny portion of it. And nobody believes it’s waste. Lisanne Addink-Dölle can be seen pointing out old keyholes and turning objects around to show that they really have had a previous life. By the end of the day not much will be left as the entire living room is up for sale. Lamps, tables, games, notebooks etc. Easy cleanup for verdraaid goed at the end of the day keeping with their theme to not only use others’waste but minimize their own.