TEDxDelft 2015 Entertainment | Delft Brass | All about the brass


Playing everything from Classical to Swing or Ceremonial to Blues, Delft Brass is a young, enthusiastic seven-piece brass ensemble from Delft with a great passion for music. The troupe is set to grace the stage at the upcoming TEDxDelft event on February 27, 2015 for a truly unforgettable performance. The ensemble was formed in 2013 when tuba player Brenda Hooiveld and her close brass playing friends at the Koninklijke Harmoniekapel Delft (Royal Wind Orchestra Delft) decided to form a new group because, according to Hooiveld, “brass are the nicest instruments.”

“It is a bit more exciting and challenging than playing within a large group of musicians,” Hooiveld explains. “In a small ensemble, you are more of a soloist and much more focused playing your part. Then, it also will need to be really good. This means that you get to learn much more, much faster. For me personally, it is a lot about personal development.”

Another great inspiration for the ensemble is Austria-based Mnozil Brass. The group began in a small tavern in Vienna is now holding more than 120 annual brass music concerts around the world for people from all walks of life. Renowned for performances that allow the crowd to see the music and smell the stage is what Hooiveld considers “weird stuff that we like”.  “We think it is fun, which is also what we want the visitors of the TEDx conference to experience,” she says. “We are all a bit crazy about playing brass and consider it our absolute passion. If possible, we would play every day in the week.”

When asked about an inspirational talk worth sharing on behalf of the Delft Brass ensemble, Hooiveld recommends watching music legend Bobby McFerrin demonstrating the power of the pentatonic scale to reveal the way our brains are surprisingly wired.

With their musical talent and passion for their craft, we look forward to enjoying Delft Brass’ beautifully crafted music at this year’s TEDxDelft event. Forget about the bass because it’s all about the brass!