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The People Behind TEDxDelft | Wolter Smit | Making every penny count

‘There’s nothing more challenging or rewarding than to make this year’s TEDxDelft event a kick-ass experience,” says Wolter Smit. As Treasurer of the TEDxDelft non-profit organization, it goes without saying that Smit plays an important role in the team. Any event, no matter how ‘kick-ass’, requires sound finances, ensuring that expenditures do not exceed the earnings. […]

TEDxDelft 2015 Speaker | Puck Meerburg | Turning the conventional into state-of-the art

Modern technologies allow for new ways to look at conventional systems. Whether it is to help children learn in school or to rebuild an ageing Operating System (OS), Puck Meerburg sees only possibilities in what new technologies have to offer. “When I first started programming, I used PHP to build simple websites,” says Meerburg. “At the time, I was five years old.” By the […]