The Great Warmachine made such a strong impression on its first run, that theaters throughout the Netherlands invited this English-spoken production back. A great opportunity to get an idea of the strong qualities of modern dutch theatre.

About The Great Warmachine
November of 2011, General Van Uhm, commander in chief of the Dutch armed forces, gave a lecture at the Amsterdam City Theatre, in which he argued that weapons help us to maintain peace. This soldier in a theatre inspired Joachim Robbrecht to write a dizzying piece that challenges the audience to look at the phenomenon of war from different points of view. The performers embody the likes of game designers, engineers, inventors, dreamers and trendwatchers. The Great Warmachine was selected for the Flemish Theatre Festival.

“Seldomly, a performance has discussed the worst and most serious news of the world in such a fresh and tongue-in-cheek manner. Its drive is astounding, and it draws the audience into the play more and more, physically.” (Flemish Theatre Festival Jury).

De Volkskrant wrote: “Robbrecht’s ritualistic performance works uniquely infecting. What matters here is whether you have let it touch you.”
Theaterkrant wrote: “Robbrecht’s script is funny, smart and fast. At moments, its words will take the audience with them to the scary depths of war rhetoric.”

Buy your tickets at Theater de Veste
Wednesday 11-23-2016 – 8.30PM

TEDxDelft is proud to announce Vodafone, one of the world’s largest mobile service providers, as one of its partners for the upcoming event on Friday 15 April. Their goal: inspire the main event’s visitors by showing off the plethora of possibilities using mobile technology.

“Vodafone reflects on how mobile technology can improve society and wants to be a facilitator for innovation,” said Annelies Valk, Marketing PR Manager at Vodafone NL. After being the first to enable payments and OV check-in by smartphone on the Dutch market, they now want to make your cycling journey safer and smarter.

As an innovator, Vodafone will demonstrate their brand new Smart Jacket at the event. To make a long story short: connect your smartphone to the jacket, and it will show you and other road users where you are heading to. The LEDs on your back and sleeves show when you want to go left or right.

Vodafone is also looking at what mobile technology could bring to the future. “When ‘celebrating the universal genius’, Vodafone also wants to engage with the Da Vinci’s of tomorrow!” explained Valk. Do you have your own smart idea for the future of mobility? Make sure you join Vodafone’s scientific panel discussion during the event. Or are you curious about the Smart Jacket? Buy your ticket now, and check it out yourself on Friday 15 April.