TEDxDelft 2013 | Maartje & Kine: extremely witty musical entertainment

SKG_9302Winners of the TEDxDelft Salon Maartje en Kine were on stage today at TEDxDelft. Possibly the most entertaining performance of the day.

They said the first thing you learn studying classical music is to never write your own songs because they just won’t ever be as good as Mozart’s. For this special occasion of do try this at home, Maartje and Kine did write their own songs. And I can tell you, it was every bit as good as Mozart!

Today is world animal day. So Maartje en Kine sang a song about pandas. Very appropriate on two levels, because Delft is also arguably home to the largest pack of pandas in the world. For those not familiar with this Delft tradition, you can figure this one out by listening to Maartje en Kines song. Their song titled ‘panda’ tells the tale of the extinction of the panda. Think upbeat fun music and even funnier lines.

A few of those lines (in random order) below.

They refuse to reproduce./ Sitting in the jungle on his big panda ass, slow, fat and lazy destined for extinction. / Watch panda porn, only in black and white. / Black and white won’t give you fifty shades of gray. / Once you go white and black you never come back.

Their next song was a musical story without lyrics called escualo (shark). Maartje and Kine started out as classical musicians. This song showed their musical talent and creativity. A beautiful story about a shark told on a violin (sometimes played as a guitar) and accordion.


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