matthewWithout giving too much away about Matthew Rogers, we know one thing: he combines strength, brains and musicality to battle the unexpected events in life.

We also know that Matthew plays the didgeridoo, that he is an attorney and a boxer.

According to Matthew, a didgeridoo is a great way of introducing the concept of using things that make us happy to transform those things that makes us unhappy. He recently combined didgeridoo playing with Ecstatic Dance to create a dance method that uses ancient dance moves to allow a heightened awareness of memory. Read more

TEDxDelft Speaker: Damaris Matthijsen

Social entrepreneur Damaris Matthijsen’s personal philosophy in life is simple; understand yourself and trust your gut. Founder of the pioneering economic movement – Economy Transformers – Matthijsen’s journey began with disillusionment.

Damaris MatthijsenWhile studying to be a social worker in Driebergen, she went on a trip to Suriname for an internship. “I began to notice how the economic situation alienated the people. Even more so because Western concepts had been imposed on people out of context. It was the first time I realized the impact economy has on human life,” she says. It wasn’t just abroad; Matthijsen found that the economy had little regard for human life everywhere in the world. “I realized that even I was alienated by the economy. That every individual was relegated to second position – whether in a company where he has no share of profits or in a competitive environment where he has to push himself incessantly.”

Despite her instincts, Matthijsen wasn’t ready to sidestep modern economic thinking just yet. Read more

As we are approaching October 4, we will be announcing what so many of you have been waiting for: the names of this year’s performers…..


We are pleased to announce that one of the performers October 4th will be Japie Stoppelenburg, who describes himself as a ‘big city snob with a small country heart’. Japie is only 25 years old, but he has a remarkable CV. He is now a Lead Creative at Tam Tam (internet consultancy) who specializes in nothing and instead opts to try out everything. So Japie concepts, copywrites, designs, researches, directs, sings, dances and acts – often for clients and mostly for fun.

He is able to link his conceptual mind to things and movements we see in our society, presenting daily reality with a twist. In Dutch we would say that Japie ‘geen blad voor de mond neemt’, which comes close to ‘he does not mind his words’. He is able to bring about his message loud and clear, so we’re sure that Japie will bring some of the E from TED to this year’s TEDxDelft!

The topic of his talk will be a surprise, so we can only wait to experience what this young creative will bring us October 4th.


Poster_TEDxDelftSalon_CulturalA new TEDxDelft event: a TEDxSalon with the value of art and culture as main theme and with the opportunity to earn a place in the greater TEDxDelft.
Instead of a TEDxDelft Award audition we have an exciting new cultural event: the TEDxDelftSalon “Art Choas and Progress”, in coorporation with “Lijm&Cultuur” and “Chaos aan de Schie”.

Several speakers share their idea’s on the value and impact of art, among which theatre maker Rieks Swarte, actor and philisopher Bo Tarenskeen, poet and politician Ramona Maramis, branding specialist Remy Harrewijn and more.
On Friday 20 September 2013 at 20:00 we will celebrate culture at ‘Lijm en Cultuur’ with you. You can even perform if you want, and in doing so may earn minutes of fame on the main TEDxDelft stage. Do you have an idea worth spreading on art or a memorable act? Please send us an email at with your proposal.
Do you want to be inspired and attend our event? Sure, just click “attend/deelnemen” on our Facebook event TEDxDelft cultural TEDxSalon “Art, Chaos and Progress” or send us an email at Entrance is free.

TEDxDelft Art, Chaos and Progress
20 September 2013 at 20.00 hours
Lijm & Cultuur
Rotterdamseweg 271
2628AT Delft
015-2629400 Read more

Interested in getting involved with TED?

We like to create TEDxDelft together with you. There is need for almost everything. Does that sound rather desperate to you? It should not. We strongly believe that an event that is packed with ‘ideas worth spreading’ can only fulfill its promise when people and organizations are involved and committed. That is why we embrace all the help that is offered. That is why we dare to ask.

There are several ways you, or the company you work for, can participate. We’re sure that in the list below, there are jobs, products or services that match your personal skills, time schedule or budget. So contact us if you see anything you would like to add to TEDxDelft!

If you’re interested, you can get more information on our Volunteering page and let us know that you’re interested.

“The first follower is what transforms a lone nut into a leader.” With these words Derek Sivers (TED, april 2010) explains how a movement is started. Watch this entertaining 3 minute TED talk and get inspired to try it yourself!

When you think of materials for clothing, you probably think of cotton or polyester or leather. Suzanne Lee (TED, 2011) came in to contact with a biologist and together they set up a process where it is possible to grow your own materials: Microbial – cellulose. Using this ‘vegetable leather’ she is able to design regular clothing and perhaps in the future even other constructions like a chair or a house. What will you grow with this process?

Have you ever tried to make a toaster from scratch? It could be a good project to try at home, but it is a lot more difficult than you might think! Thomas Thwaites (TEDSalon London, 2010) started at the basis (how do you get steel?) and discovers how much work it takes to get all the right components for something as common as a toaster.

Scientists are able to put a robot on Mars. So why not in our homes? Cynthia Breazeal (TEDWomen, Feb 2011) realized that for people to accept robots in their living room, it is important to look at the social interaction between robots and humans. Humans act sociable because it is in their nature. When robots mimic these features, people are more likely to interact with them in a natural way and even enjoy the ‘company’ of that robot.

Perhaps not something you can do at home right now, but definitely something you want to try in the future. In this short TED talk Jinha Lee (TED, 2013) shows how he was able to create an interface which allows you to work inside the computer. He demonstrates how the lines between the physical and the digital world are starting to dissolve.

People with the God complex are certain they understand how the world works. For every problem there is a definitive answer. You might know such a person in your family, at work or at school. Tim Harford (TEDGlobal, 2011) uses compelling examples on how using trial and error, instead of thinking there is just one answer, could lead to some extraordinary results. Let’s just try a bunch of stuff.

This video would have actually fitted right in the theme of last year’s TEDxDelft; Never Grow Up. Just to show you what you can do with Lego from your own home, watch this entertaining video by Hillel Cooperman (TED, Feb 2010). Whatever you can think of, you can make in Legos.

poster_LRWe have a new poster and we’re proud of it! It reflects our theme ‘Do try this at home’ and we’d like you to spread it anywhere you like (also at home). Print it, post it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pin it…… Read more

The core business of architects is designing big buildings, right? Alastair Parvin (TED, Feb 2013) argues that in the current economy, this is no longer the case. Instead of building a new school, why not look for other solutions for the infrastructure problem? Instead of professionals designing enormous offices, why not ask the people actually using the building to help design it? Design your own home and build it Ikea-style with technology already available now.

EarlyBirdRegistration for TEDxDelft is now open!
We have a limited amount of early birds tickets so don’t hesitate and buy your ticket NOW. Early bird fees are 20,– for students (every kind of, including PhD) and 40,– for non-students (normal prices are 25,– and 50,–).

Go to the tickets page

SherazKazmiCan you tell us something about yourself?
I’m a 27-year old sports, music, food, and family lover and live in The Hague. Together with my ‘brother-from-the-same-mother’ we form an entrepreneurial powerhouse. We develop purposeful concepts at Kazmi & Kazmi. We work closely together with (like-minded) talents from various backgrounds (creatives, trainers, entrepreneurs) and all over the world. Read more

Young-ha Kim (TEDxSeoul July 2010), celebrated novelist in South Korea, wants you to unleash your inner artist. As a child we are all artists. The moment a child starts to lie, is the moment storytelling begins. We all have this in ourselves, but suppress it because of our daily lives. With funny anecdotes and great examples, Kim urges you to ignore the excuses you make and be an artist, right now!

(This video contains several subtitles including English and Dutch. Click on the bottom right-hand corner for options).

Smart materials exist. These are materials like ink that conducts electricity, a window that turns from clear to opaque at the flip of a switch and jelly that makes music. Catarina Mota (TEDGlobal, July 2012) inspires amateurs to use these smart materials and play with them, tinker at home and just experiment with it. The talk is right up the alley of TU Delft’s resident McGuyver Scientist Rolf Hut (TEDxDelft 2011 performer). Get to know these smart materials now.

John Hodgmen (TED March 2012), comedian and self-exclaimed expert, explains the concept of design in a very comical way. Hodgmen uses some well-known examples of design and how we subconsciously give meaning to objects, or how objects just blend into our lives. How does design pervade your home?

We will be posting some inspirational TED(x) talks for you to view at home. Get in the mood of TED and be inspired by this year’s TEDxDelft theme: Do try this at home!

Do watch this at home! Jon Nguyen: Tour the solar system from home

This talk by Jon Nguyen (TEDxSanDiego, Dec 2011) is great for every wannabe astronomer (or already accomplished astronomer for that matter). We all know Google Maps, which allows you to zoom in from above on a part of earth. Nguyen made a tool to zoom out into space. With his program you can ‘play’ with satellites and planets and learn about the solar system. Do try this at home!

Do you want to be on the TEDxDelft stage? Do you have an “Do try this at home” idea worth spreading? Why not try and pitch yours, because this year, we have speaker/performer auditions.

At the Summer Festival 2013 on 31 May 2013, we have a TEDxDelft audition stage underneath the Culture building from 17.00 until 17.45. We have speaker coaches, team members, lights and a camera available so you can expect direct feedback on your talk! Read more

To get you all in the mood of our TEDxDelft theme’Do try this at home’

Why can’t two slices of pizza be used as a slide clicker? Why shouldn’t you make music with ketchup? In this charming talk, inventor Jay Silver talks about the urge to play with the world around you. He shares some of his messiest inventions, and demos MaKey MaKey, a kit for hacking everyday objects. Read more

Passion at workYou don’t have to wait unitl October 4th for your next TEDx event! On May 24th TEDxScheveningen will take place for the first time. The program looks very promising and the TEDxDelft team is very much looking forward to the event our TEDx colleagues have organised. The line-up contains an artist, two ballroom dancers, a theatre director and lots more, all presenting the talk of their life about Passion at Work, the central theme of TEDxScheveningen.We are definitely going to be there, will we meet you there?! Read more

We need your help! We plan on having a great event (a race) on the tram rails on TU Delft campus and now we need somebody to coordinate this, preferably from within TU Delft. Read more

Ideas worth spreading need to be spreadable. That’s the theme for this year’s TEDx Delft event, Do try this at home.

Do try this at home will feature the inspiring talks TED and TEDx is famous for but with a practical twist. Speakers will discuss concepts which can be implemented in everyday life, encouraging attendees to take these ideas home and add value of your own.

After the success of last year’s event, Never Grow Up, we wanted to find a topic which was equally inspiring yet with a more hands on approach. Along the lines of Never Grow Up, Do try this at home promotes curiosity and wonder while emboldening attendees with pragmatic ideas. The ability to make changes in the world should be accessible to every person and our goal is for attendees to leave with the basis for instituting change in their own lives.

The theme draws heavily from the city of Delft and what it represents. As the saying goes, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Neither was Delft. The history of the city was developed in incremental steps over hundreds of years. We were inspired by the process of building something great out those steps.

The population of Delft, especially the university, has a reputation for “MacGyvering”. The concept refers to the popular 1980s TV show featuring secret agent Angus MacGyver who was known for his resourcefulness. We see students everyday finding resourceful ways to solve problems in their academic life and we want our theme to highlight the talents of our community.

Do try this at home will combine the best of TED and TEDx with the best of Delft.

We have some exciting news for you! We’re piloting a 4-day TEDxLive event with TEDxVilniusLive in Lithuania. They are hosting an action-packed 4-day simulcast of TEDGlobal 2013, accompanied by a range of exciting local activities; they are charging 520 Euros for this amazing experience. For now, this program is only a pilot, standard TEDxLive rules still apply to all current and future TEDxLive events. Here are the details: Read more

18-year-old Boyan Slat came up with a concept that may be able to remove vast amounts of plastics from the oceans. On 5 October 2012, Boyan presented his idea at TEDxDelft.

Now, together with a group of students, engineers, oceanographers and industry experts, he has set out to investigate and demonstrate its viability and feasibility.

“I don’t know if it’s possible, and that’s exactly the reason I’m doing it.”

Now he wishes to confirm all assumptions made in his concept, and for that he and his global team is looking for a research budget through crowdfunding. Read more

To attract attention for the horrible situation of the tiger, according to many the most beautiful animal on our planet, Chris Slappendel will travel from the 15th of May until the 15th of November through 31 countries where the tiger once lived or still lives. Read more

We are very pleased to announce TEDxDelft 2013: 4 October 2013!

TEDxDelft will again be full day of inspiration, ideas and energy. A change to meet new people and to see new possibilities. TEDxDelft will again be in Aula Congress Centre Delft, again for about 950 attendees and again with 20 performer/speakers. TEDxDelft2013 will also differ very much from 2011 and 2012: we promise to surprise and inspire. We will re-invent and renew TEDxDelft and we are confident that, together with you, we will create the must-attend experience in Delft 2013.

We loved every bit of TEDxDelft 2012 and we know a lot of you did too. But 2012 was a very difficult year on the financial part for us. Financing a TEDxDelft event is a huge challenge, and it still is. With the current partner and sponsor commitment we will be able to finance a lean 2013 event but of course we want it to be over the top: if you are a potential sponsor or have warm contacts, please let us know 🙂